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When a milk tooth sheds:-A child's tooth beginning to loosen can bring on a lot of excitement. A tooth that is ready to be shed will come out with a gentle tug. Using a tissue paper to hold unto the loose tooth works well. 
And if the tooth is accidentally swallowed?  Inform the child that this is not the first time this has occurred and that they should relax. Feed the child a banana or two. A short note to explain to the Tooth Fairy that a tooth has indeed been lost should suffice !

General chart for Teeth Eruption


Deciduous (Baby Teeth)


Incisors 6 - 10 months

     7 - 8 years

Canine 16 - 20 months

     11 years


     11 - 13 years

Molars (Ist and IInd) 10 - 24 months

I    6 - 7 years
II   12-13 years
III 18 and above


Your child's oral care today is the foundation for a lifetime of healthy, attractive smiles

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